I’ve been thinking about this change for about 2 months now. I even had the fleeting thought on Friday “I should re-arrange my room”, but I quickly reasoned with myself “You’re moving in a few months anyway, just wait, it’s too much work and it’s not worth it” Well, it seems that God had other plans for me, on Saturday I went to an all day women’s conference. This was a much needed vacation from ignoring my soul. Yep, that’s right, I’ve been neglecting taking care of myself and I’ve been failing to consider God’s direction in my life. It’s like I start going 180 miles an hour on the highway, zooming past the opportunities that come in the residential neighborhoods at a pace more akin to 30 miles an hour. So anyway, I felt very strongly at this conference that it’s time for me to change. I really thought about what I share often in my organizing business: your atmosphere affects you, influences you, and sets the tone for you life. Here are a couple things I also realized, in a more personal sense.

1. When I setup my room after moving in to this apartment (8 months ago) I was a very different person. I remember thinking my future boyfriend would see it, and my old best friend would see it, and guess what… Neither of those things happened. I literally setup my space considering others and what they would think of it. Here’s an example of how I’ve resisted change. I’ve been wanting to take my bed off it’s frame and turn it horizontally like a couch against my wall. But again, my negative self reasoned with my creative self and said “That’s childish, you want to impress people with your bed looking like it should”…Wait, what? I’m sorry, who said that it’s a “grown up” thing to have your bed on a frame and vertical to the wall anyway?

2. There is something extremely profound to me about actively changing something in your life, EVEN.IF.IT’S.NOT.NECESSARY. Excuse my obscene amount of emphasis on that, but it’s my largest takeaway from this whole venture. Yes, it’s true I’m most likely moving in 3 months. Yes, it’s also true that my room was completely functional and fine before I changed it. Yes, it would “waste” about 3 hours of my time. BUT, I believe I’ve honored myself by choosing something new. I’m saying in effect: “Charissa, you’ve grown and changed so much since you moved here, this space is no longer serving you as it could. Charissa, invest in yourself and your well-being and consider that your room is a reflection of you and what you want out of life”

So, what do I want out of life? Well, if you read my previous post: Mayday, you would know that for the month of May I’ve decided to not watch any TV. I want to spend more time lounging in bed (my horizontal couch bed, if you will). I want to read, journal, write, study, explore and be creative. I want to give the world my best self this month, so that next month I can offer even more. Today, the thought occurred to me “The only thing I can offer the world is myself, and it’s the best I can offer” Every action, thought, and word is a ripple in eternity, it is so consequential, we can’t even imagine.

In summary, take the time to consider what change you can make that may not make logical sense, it may not seem like a wave in an eternal pond, but keep in mind: You are eternal, and so everything you do, say and think is influencing eternity.