Here’s the thing.
You might think to yourself often “I’m not very organized” and that my friend, is why you’re not seeing yourself being organized. Okay, I admit, it sounds silly or cliche to say something like, “it starts in your head”, but it’s true! Yes, I do believe there are some of us that are MORE naturally inclined to organization or a passion for it, but notice, I said MORE, not ONLY. You, my friend have the capacity to be more organized than ever before. So, how do you start? It’s simple. Start noticing the areas in your life where you are organized and start realizing that you have the potential to carry that into other areas of your life. Then, the next step? START SMALL. I mean it, start with a 10 minute project. How about the console of your car? Come check in with me after that, and let me know how it went! Cheers to organizing!