Don’t mind my obnoxious subject line, this isn’t an emergency for you. But, for me it kind of is. Well, maybe not as much of an emergency but an epiphany. So, the last few months I’ve been challenged to think about the precious time I have and I realized I was watching way.too.much. TV. So, in January I took a whole week off from watching. February I chose to only watch 1 hour a week. March, 2 hours a week. And then… well, April came around and I thought to myself, “Self, you deserve a break, just lay back in April and don’t be such an overachiever”
Well, that sounded like a great pep talk, right? Actually, no it was pretty negative for me, it made me feel like all the discipline I had exerted over the last few months was “hard work” and that I just deserved a break from it all. Well, that was fun until I started to notice that sadness had traipsed in, unwelcome. The thing is this: I’m mostly all in or all out. I either set hard goals and do anything to achieve them, or I’m completely unmotivated and undisciplined. So, needless to say April was a hard month for me. The “hard work” of discipline means even harder work for me to stay positive, motivated, productive, and happy. I look back on my time without TV and I was actually so much more relaxed because I had time to do things that I really desire like reading, journaling, going to sleep early, exercising, taking naps and so on. I also have more time and space to hear from God, and that is just amazing. February was the month I heard Him release me to leave my full time job and pursue a new one, I also felt more connected to Him in general. So, Mayday for me means that for the month of May I will not be watching any TV. No minute of my May will be wasted, instead it will be cherished. Time is a gift that is spent way too easily, and can be lost forever. I like how Matthew encourages us: “…But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven…” I hope to spend my time laying up heavenly treasures and impacting those around me instead of just passing the time I’ve been given; absorbing entertainment.