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Welcome to Grace to Organize! My name is Charissa, I am a Professional Organizer in Colorado Springs, and I help my clients gain confidence and control over their space, their time, and their lives. I offer decluttering and organizing services for homes and offices.


Getting organized has been shown to help us save money, be more efficient with our time, reach our goals, and ultimately give attention to the things that truly matter. This is why having a clean and functional space means so much more than just an organized closet or a clear desk. It can truly make a difference in the way you lead your life.
So, consider the investment of organizing, as just that, an investment. You get out of something what you put into it. If you find that you are frantic, frazzled, and unsatisfied with life, maybe you need less clutter, more space, and more time to focus on what really matters.


Professional Organizing

Have you ever felt discouraged, or overwhelmed, when looking at your space? Whether it is your living area, your pantry, or your car, disorganization can cause anyone to feel stressed. Most importantly, disorganization can steal your peace. When you don’t feel at peace in your environment, your happiness, and your sense of accomplishment is at stake.

As a Professional Organizer, I specialize in assessing situations and finding solutions, for your unique space. I'm not in your home to judge you, but to show you grace, so you don’t have to worry about tidying up before I come! My goal is to create a more enjoyable and productive lifestyle for you through your organized space, which I hope will help you focus on your goals and accomplish what you truly desire.

Decluttering Services

I don't want you to dread using any of the spaces in your home. My goal is for you to feel peace in your home. Clutter can be overwhelming, overstimulating and frustrating. Physical clutter can keep us from being productive and can cause us to want to just tune out of life. I want you to enjoy your spaces!

I love helping my clients declutter! I specialize in coaching my clients through the process of decluttering. I am not in your space to tell you what's important to you, but rather, I am there as a friendly face, with a more objective point of view . I will ask you specific questions to help you decide what in your home or office serves you, versus what stands in your way of having the life you love. The goal is to create an organized, productive environment. I will take the time to understand your goals, so we can sort and clean up the clutter, and ultimately, reorganize in a way that will feel comfortable to you.

Virtual Organizing

Grace to Organize is proud to offer Virtual Organizing! Now, we can work together in a collaborative online space to organize your space on your terms. As a Professional Organizer offering my services online, we can set up photos, videos, and online conference sessions to walk through your space and give you the same grace-filled direction and advice as I would for in-person organizing sessions.

With virtual organizing, we can organize any space in your home: kitchens, closets, offices, garage, storage room, or anywhere else that could use some grace and attention. We work together to come up with a plan of action, and I give you all the tools you need to organize your space with my full and professional support. Start with a free consultation, by scheduling below!

Purchase a Gift Card

You can now purchase gift cards for organization services! I am so thrilled to offer these. Now, you can give the gift of organization and graceful spaces for yourself or your loved ones! I have multiple dollar amounts to select from, and you can choose to have it delivered now, or at a later date in the future! THANK YOU for supporting my business!

Meet Charissa

My name is Charissa, owner of Grace To Organize! And just so you know, you can call me Grace! Even as a young girl, I always had a passion for organizing. Little did I know that my life’s calling would be to help others do the same! I love all things decluttering and organizing!
I am very passionate about helping others, and using my skills to give people more time, space, and energy to work on their own dreams! I offer both decluttering and organizing services to help people optimize their environments and their time to achieve their goals in life. 
I understand that organizing is very personal, and it can be intimidating letting someone into your space. But please know that I am not here to judge! I’ve seen it all: the highs and lows, the clutter and the stressors. I don’t see disorganization as a problem, but as a potential opportunity for more joy and freedom. 
If you’re interested in learning more about what I do, please reach out! Follow me on social media, send me a message, or schedule a free consultation! 

Life Stages I Can Help With

Transition Period

Losing A Family Member


Moving (Packing/Unpacking)


"Letting someone come into to your home and see your mess and at your most vulnerable can feel overwhelming. From the moment I met Charissa, I felt at ease.

She has a heart to serve and does an amazing job. She is a kind and reliable woman. I would recommend her to anyone needing help organizing."
Office Organizer
Homeowner in Colorado Springs
"I cannot even express in words what "Grace to Organize" has meant to me and to my peace of mind. I can expound upon her organizing skills, her cleaning abilities, her punctuality, and her creative problem solving when dealing with piles of "stuff" - but more important than all of her skills is her character. Deeply servant-hearted without an inkling of judgment or self-righteousness. This is a woman that walks her talk and is using her clearly God-given gifts to better the lives of the people that come in contact with her. She is a rare gem. Hire her, get to know her, she'll change your surroundings and may just change your life."
Homeowner in Colorado Springs
"Grace (Charissa) has a keen eye for organization. She can assess an area in any state of disarray and get right to work on it. She is kind, caring, funny and most of all trustworthy. She will not drag out her work to make more money; she makes efficient use of her time. She has dramatically improved my well-being because I can feel at home in my home when I see progress is being made. If your mess is causing you anxiety, I highly recommend Charissa!"
Homeowner in Colorado Springs

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If you’re looking to get extra help organizing your home, or want to get a handle on the clutter hiding in your closets, under your bed, or in your garage, Grace to Organize can help! Don’t even think about cleaning up before I come, I’m not meeting with you to judge you at all. I will be looking at your space with the eyes of a gracious organizer who sees potential and not problems! 
See the calendar below to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with me.  I’m excited to be a part of this journey with you!

Grace To Organize

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me and Grace to Organize! It is my greatest joy to serve others through organization. I believe that decluttered and organized spaces promote happy, fulfilled and purposeful living. 

I organize homes and businesses across Colorado Springs and El Paso County, including Falcon, Peyton, Black Forest, Northgate, Monument, Manitou Springs, Cheyenne Mountain, Security-Widefield, and more. I am also happy to travel to Woodland Park, Denver as well as Pueblo! Providing new storage ideas, physical help tackling a project, and encouragement to succeed are the things I am most passionate about. Please contact me below for more information about me and what I can do for you!

I’m cheering you on with GRACE!

Charissa (Grace)


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