So, you hear the term “minimalism” and what do YOU automatically think? I’m sure for everyone of us it’s different. I like the idea of being realistic with minimalism, thus the term “minimal-istic”.
This perspective on minimalism is from someone who rarely hesitates to throw something away or donate it. For me, I go through everything I own several times a year, if not, more often. This is what keeps me de-cluttered. But, I’ll be the first to admit there are times I’ve rid myself of things that I could have used later. But, and here’s the biggest BUT I didn’t die when I didn’t have it. For me, I’d rather have fewer items in my life and know everything I own and where it is. So,maybe I have to buy something twice because I previously got rid of it and maybe needed it again. But, also consider this. There have been times I thought I “needed” something, when I actually found a creative way to solve a problem without that item.
I challenge you to consider what minimalism can look like for you. Honestly, it’s going to look different for every stage of life.
I don’t own a home.
I don’t have children.
I don’t have pets.
That means I decorate pretty minimally, but everything I own has to fit into one room (for now). So, I actually don’t have a lot of stuff, but it’s just all crammed into one room. If I moved into a house tomorrow you bet your bottom dollar I’d look like a minimalist because my items would be spread out over more space.

To me, minimalism can also be just decluttering visually. So, use cabinets to “hide” things so that you see less. This allows you and your guests eyes to go straight to the scripture on your wall, or the lovely set of fresh flowers your neighbor gave you.