“The battle for our hearts is fought on the pages of our calendars” -Bob Goff

One of my new favorite authors, Bob (yes, I feel close enough to him I can just call him Bob) wrote about our hearts. Our calendars show what we really care about.

Here’s the thing, time is the most expensive to waste. It’s true, but maybe we don’t think about it enough. None of us can create more time, “stretch” or manipulate it. What you have is what you have. So, how are you spending yours? How are you wasting it?
My temptation is to watch TV to “rest”, but then I read another quote that further convicted me to re-consider my habit.
I don’t have the quote but here’s the paraphrase- None of us remember our best day of TV. Wow, another fastball coming at me.
Imagine this, someone finds a way to manufacture more time and this breakthrough occurs when you’re losing a loved one. What would you pay to have an extra hour with them? How many times have we said, what if? Well, let’s stop living as if we have unlimited time to spend with the people we love. My job isn’t to convince you to be more organized, my job is to support you in life, love, and the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

I challenge you to consider what really matters in your life. Take inventory of your free time and how it adds up to your goals, and your list.

Here’s a short list of what I want to be intentional about making time for:
Planning and cooking meals
Rest (the real kind)