Most of the time I write blog posts about organizing and decluttering, but if you know me well, I’m also very passionate about emotional and relational health. Sometimes, I feel inspired to share with you some personal insight, showing you that side of me. I recently have found myself doing something that has been so helpful for me. I ASK MYSELF QUESTIONS. I have thought a lot about asking others questions, trying to get more information, but I found it’s necessary for me to do this with myself as well.

Here are 2 ways I’ve been doing this, and I hope you enjoy!

ONE- Before I make a decision, I’m trying to ask some clarifying questions. For example: Do I have time to commit to that? What are my motives for wanting to do it? Is there another way to get the same result, with more efficiency? What do my friends and family have to say about it? What am I actually committing to? Is it helpful to me, to be the person I want to be?

TWO- What does my body need right now? A quick check-in with your physical self, is a great way to practice self care. When I ask myself this, I get answers like: a glass of water, rest, a deep breath, supplements, a bath, time alone, journaling, a good healthy meal, something green to eat, sunshine, exercise, a cup of tea, caffeine, sleep, more deep breaths. The list can go on, of course. In fact, I’m curious, what are some answers you can come up with to either of these questions? I would love if you’d send me an email or text, and help me build my list of questions!

I’m cheering YOU and ME on with GRACE!!