It’s funny, I actually meet people randomly who’ve never heard of a Professional Organizer! So, naturally a follow up question for them is: Well, what do you do? 

Yes, I do help people organize their stuff, but there’s much more that goes into that process. 

I help my clients declutter. Basically, I help them go through ALL their stuff in a space and we decide what is worth them keeping. While we are decluttering, we are sorting (putting like items together) Part of this process, includes one of my favorite things: consolidation (making stuff take up less space). After that is accomplished, we can decide how to store and label what is left over so there’s never a question of “Where do I put this?”

I tell people that, “Organizing is knowing WHAT you own, WHY you own it, and WHERE to find it.” It’s that simple! 

Sometimes, my clients are great organizers but need physical help tackling a project. Or, sometimes they know that they can do a project, but they keep putting it off for later. Or, many people don’t even like organizing, or don’t know how to do it. So, they call me!

I get joy and energy out of decluttering and organizing, and it can make a project so much less daunting to have a friendly face to help you out!