So, as an organizer I am constantly thinking of how to articulate to others WHAT organizing is. If we know what organizing is, then we can better understand how to implement it in our lives. Here are some of my random thoughts about organizing:

+ Having space to organize makes it so much easier and more enjoyable, and that’s why I’m so committed to decluttering my own stuff as often and as quickly as possible. Having less stuff to contend with makes life easier.

+ In life, it’s a great practice to be looking for new ways to do things. That is where grace comes in, and that’s where organizing happens.

+ Organizers are opportunistic, problem solvers who work creatively to achieve a goal of structure.

+ Organizing is really about becoming familiar with what you own. You’re taking inventory of your spaces, even just by touching and seeing each item. You find what you own and figure out where to put it. It’s really just about keeping track of your stuff.

+ Organizing is also about anticipating your own future needs. Ask yourself, “When will I need to use this again, and where can I put it to remind me to use it, or where can I store it, so I can find it when I need it”