What is your stuff worth?
No, really.
If you pick up an item near you right now, consider it’s value. Not necessarily what you spent on it, but how much you use it, does it serve a purpose in your life?
Consider this: some people’s homes are filled with decor, why? Because they value the look of the items. Some people don’t have ANY decor, why? Because they value minimalism and lack of clutter.
What do YOU value?
Is your stuff really worth keeping?
To me, peace is worth more than the stuff I’ve bought.
But, let’s balance that with the fact that you spent time to earn the money to buy the things you have. Time is valuable too.
So, what’s this rant about really?
Well, next time you buy something consider what it’s costing you to buy it, not just the money, but the time you spent earning that money.
Now, consider the things you already have. Is there anyTHING standing in the way of your life? Is there anyTHING that is standing in the way of anyONE in your life. What is more important to you?