So, you found this new recipe to try out. You gather the ingredients, and make sure you have the right mixing bowls, spoons, or whisk. You notice how long it takes to cook/bake. Also, you’ll usually notice a note of how long you can expect to prep your recipe. Vegetables may need washed, diced, simmered, soaked, steamed, boiled… the list goes on. Here’s my question for you…

Have you considered the prep time in your life?

“Preparation time is never wasted” Are you in preparation for marriage? Maybe you’re preparing for a baby? Are you prepping for school, or a new job?

I’m here to encourage you that you may not see how valuable your preparation time is, but oh, it truly is. You might not see what’s on the other side of your obedience or cooperation, but I can bet it’s a great thing!

I’m also here to challenge you. Are you ignoring a change you need to make? Are you rejecting the thought of getting your schedule in order? Or, maybe your healthy eating? Are you procrastinating on something that could actually be a bridge for your next chapter?

Don’t hesitate to be a greater version of yourself! If you procrastinate, you are just putting off your greatness being released! You can do it!

<3, Grace