These are your Organizers!


Meet Grace, Owner of Grace to Organize! Grace started this small business in 2017 after realizing that not everyone is a "weirdo" like her that loves organizing, or even knows how to do it.

She loves hiking and camping with her husband, Justin, and is very passionate about nutrition and wellness. Her celebrity doppelganger is Scarlett Johansson, and speaking of movies, she will most likely find joy and humor in wholesome kid films. She reads every night to fall asleep, and is affectionately known by her husband as a "nerd" for her love of researching various intriguing topics.


Meet Julie! Grace met Julie and found an immediate connection with her, Julie quickly became part of the Grace to Organize team after proving her skills and personality were a perfect fit for her clients needs. Not smiling around Julie is simply not an option!

Julie says "I find joy in bringing peace and organization into people’s lives. As a mom of a young girl, I see the impact that organization has on all of us daily. The more organized we are, the more seamlessly we are able to flow through each day, giving us time to enjoy the sweet and precious moments.

After nine moves, I learned a multitude of ways to engage with spaces big and small. We lived in a tiny apartment in New York City with 3 drawers and two cabinets in the kitchen- it was so fun to make that space an organized and spacious kitchen! I love supporting others in problem solving their spaces. It is exciting to create different ways to make your space work for you!

I look forward to working with you to give you organizing systems that improve the peace in your space and in your life!"


Meet Callie! When Grace first met Callie she had mentioned organizing "at age 6" and Grace couldn't believe what she heard. Grace's earliest memory of organizing as she has shared over the years was "restacking the cans in my Grandma's pantry at age 6" Talk about connection. Callie has a background in interior design, and her favorite part of a project is the final touches when it all comes together. She has a kind and gracious manner, and a smile that lights up the room. You'll be sure and love working with her!