I believe digital declutter is so good for us. I want to talk about what I think happens to us when we see clutter in our apps, inboxes, storage drives, et cetera.

Our brains are literally amazing, we process so much information, and very quickly. However, we have limits on what we can handle. Every piece of information our brain processes takes mental energy and focus. So, it is beneficial to us, I would argue to reduce as much clutter as possible. Clutter can come in many forms including visually and audibly, and even through touch. Have you ever tried to listen to someone speaking while a show you are really interested in is playing in the background? It’s nearly impossible to actively listen without distraction. I think God made us to FOCUS on one task at a time. Yes, we may be able to do more than one thing at a time, but are we doing them with excellence?

When we reduce clutter consistently, we are allowing ourselves to focus on one task, activity or person at a time. Let’s do life with excellence!

My goal is to clear out my Inbox every day, but truthfully, I just delete 90% of the emails right away without reading them. I also try to make a habit of unsubscribing from email senders when I notice that I’m deleting their emails every day.

This helps me to see what I need to actually respond to, and release myself from feeling the need to read something that isn’t important to my life. This is also why you’ll notice if you’re signed up for my email list, I try to send one email a month, so you’re not feeling the digital overload from me.

I challenge you to find 3 email senders to unsubscribe from today, and also delete as many emails as you can. I don’t know what your Inbox looks like, but take some time to clean it up, with the eventual goal to be an empty Inbox.

What if you have something you do want to read, but you don’t have time right now? I say leave it in your Inbox for up to week and if you don’t seem to find the time to read it, then I would argue it’s not as important as you really thought it was, release yourself from the obligation of reading it.

If you keep the goal of clearing your Inbox daily, and you only leave things in there that need your attention before deleting, then you’ll be more motivated to take care of those things to get your pretty Inbox all cleared up.

With Grace,