I hear clients share something often about cleaning and organizing, “I’m all over the place, I start in the kitchen, and then I jump here and there, I feel like I never get anything done” and I want to tell you something I DO THAT TOO!! They look shocked, like what!? That’s okay?


Why is it okay?

Because you’re getting it done!

I like to start somewhere and jump around as much as I want, the bottom line is this: If you can make cleaning/organizing enjoyable, it will help you get more done! So, even if it seems disorganized to jump around, you’re still moving forward. Remember, we are all about GRACE and PROGRESS, not perfection.

I like to have a glass of wine, jam some music and tune out the world when it’s time to clean and organize, and remember: if it’s enjoyable, you’ll spend more time doing it!!