5% of ALL organizing projects booked with Grace to Organize for the ENTIRE month of June will go to Mosaic International Ministries, in their efforts to bring the people of Tanzania clean drinking water!

Have you ever thought about how accessible clean water is or isn’t for someone? The thought didn’t occur to me much until I met the missionary couple who shared their experiences in Tanzania, where many people die from waterborne illnesses. I started to think about how I have clean drinking water accessible to me at any point in my day.

$50 will buy a water filter that will last a family 5 to 6 years! That is life changing for a family, to be able to not worry about finding clean water. This also allows them to save money, so when the time comes and they need another filter, they can actually afford to purchase a new one. #lifechanging

The other wonderful part of this? These water filters are made by a wonderful man in Tanzania, so we are supporting their local economy. See more about this man, and see the dirty/clean water transformation: 

Click here

If you are a current client of mine, all you have to do is book sessions with me in June, and you’re automatically giving! If you’re not my client, you can have a FREE consultation to see if my services would work well for you, and then book your session in June! Visit grace2organize.com to book your free consultation!

Additionally, If you would like to donate to this cause directly, please follow this link: https://www.mosaicim.org/donate and just write in the comments: water for Tanzania.

So, I invite you to jump into Spring CLEANing, and provide CLEAN water for someone in need!

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