I don’t know if there’s any more true statement about organizing then this one: The more often you clean and organize, the easier it will be.

This is why I encourage you to find a way to LOVE doing it.

How do you learn to love organizing? Well, honestly, you need to make it as enjoyable as possible. Which , of course means something different for everyone.

Here are some things to remember:

You may not enjoy organizing until you get to a place that you can just maintain. If you have neglected decluttering and organizing for a long period of time, you may have a lot of work to do. Please don’t be discouraged by the amount you have to do. Start with small increments of time, and be CONSISTENT. You will see progress, and it may motivate you to continue. Once you get your space to a “reset”, I like to call it… From there all you have to do is maintain. This is when organizing can be VERY enjoyable, because you only have to spend 5-20 minutes at a time to get it right back to your reset point, and then you get to enjoy your life!

Other ideas to make it enjoyable: Play music, invite a friend over to help you, reward yourself when you reach goals. You might try something like: “I’m going to organize my junk drawer today, and when it’s completed, I will go get a manicure” or, “I have been wanting a new book, I will take myself to the bookstore AFTER I get the fridge cleaned out” If nothing else, you can just TRY to find what works for you.

The other thing I recommend, go with your motivation. You know when I organize? The MOMENT I feel inspired to do it, and the MOMENT that I notice it needs to be done.