So, you may have some idea of what I do as a Professional Organizer, but to further illustrate, let me tell you what I DON’T do!

I don’t convince or tell you what to get rid of- my job is to support, coach and facilitate the process of decluttering. You always have the final say on what stays, and what goes. 

I don’t shame you or judge you for the condition of your space. I love organizing, which means, I love working in what you would call “chaos” or “a mess”.

I don’t tell you how to organize your space- I simply offer suggestions and ideas. I ask a lot of questions- because I want to know what will work best for YOU and your family. Organizing is creative, and it can be a trial and error process. 

I don’t tell other people about your space- Every client I have signs an agreement, but I have my part of that agreement too, which basically says… I’m not going to tell people I’m your organizer, and I’m not going to tell them about your spaces. If I ever share anything, I’ll say something like “I have a client who had _____ and we did _____ to improve the space” 

Were you surprised by any of these “don’ts”? I can’t speak for other organizers, but these are values I run my business on, and I want you to know how I operate, in grace!