I keep a box under my bed with all my sentimentals… Birthday cards, ticket stubs, certificates and the like. I go through this box at least once a year. What I find so interesting, is that every year I sit down to sort through my “memories”, I find things that last year were still important to me and this year suddenly have no interest to me. This affirms my theory that I’m constantly changing and growing.

I really believe that as we grow and change, our stuff should too! After the New Year, and my 30th birthday I decided to go through this box again and I actually found things that I had been keeping since middle school in that box and they were SO easy to throw away! 
I also want to point out, the reason I go through this box every year is because this box is my boundary for how many sentimental things I’m willing to keep. Therefore, if I want to add to the box I need to make sure that I’m removing things that take up space. I encourage you to think about what sentimental things are you keeping, and what of them don’t mean as much anymore? Are you ready to let them go?

One last note: It takes mindfulness to do this task. Try to go through sentimentals when you’re not emotionally heightened, and also when you’re not easily distracted. If it’s too overwhelming, pick a small box to go through, or a small pile, or even just do 10 minutes, with a timer. 

As always, I’m cheering you on with GRACE!