As an organizer I am often asked about bins and labels. What kind should I get? How do I use them? Well, in summary I would say that you want to think of storage bins, baskets, containers and labels as BOUNDARIES. When you make a bin, you’re basically designating a specific spot for certain items.

Tips for Organizing with Storage Bins

  1. This is why I recommend that every bin you use have ONE specific purpose. Create a boundary for your remotes, your books, your kids’ toys, your shoes, your spices, and beyond!
  2. When starting a project it may be hard to know what kind of bins you need. I would say the first step of any project is to declutter all of your dusty closets and cabinet space. After that, you can organize and sort your “keep” items into bins and baskets and toss the rest. You won’t know what you need until you know what you’re keeping.
  3. If you feel inspired to buy some supplies, I say buy a variety of sizes/shapes and keep your receipt so you can return what you don’t use, or you may be able to use them in other places in the home!
  4. Here’s another tip when sorting your belongings: pick a bin that will closely fit whatever you’re storing. You don’t want your belongings to become too stuffed to the point where you can’t see them easily; you want them to be accessible and easy to find.
  5. Also, you don’t want a ton of extra unused space either. If you’re looking to store magazines, for example, I wouldn’t suggest getting a basket that can hold 100, but maybe only 15 magazines. This way, when you notice your bin is getting too full, you’ll know it’s time to look through them and get rid of the magazines you no longer need.

Just a general rule, but if you have extra space in your bins, you’ll most likely find a way to fill it up. But remember, the goal is to have ONE kind of item per basket. You don’t want your things to get lost: AKA don’t lose your shoes in your magazine bin. Keep boundaries!

Thanks for reading! As always, I’m cheering you on with GRACE!