Organizing is all about trial and error for your lifestyle, habits and the spaces you have. I’m here to tell you “It’s okay to be wrong” When organizing for myself, I am constantly just checking in… and asking “Can I live with this?” Every person has a threshold for clutter they can handle, and every person is different in how they use the stuff they own. If my answer to the above question is a cheery YES, then I know I will try it for a period of time. However, the moment I realize it’s not working, I take the opportunity to try something new!

Even though organizing seems extremely methodical and elegant, it often times isn’t. It’s about finding out what works for YOU, and what amount of clutter you can handle with PEACE.

It’s okay to try something that is “good enough” and pivoting later if needed.

Please don’t try to make a space perfect, do the best you can in that moment as quickly as you can, and give yourself the freedom to try something new.

As always, I’m cheering you on with GRACE!!