So, maybe you’re reading this and you desire to be more organized? Or, maybe you’re a little more like me, it just seems to come pretty naturally. Well, either way, it applies to us all: balance. Is there such a thing as being “too organized”? Well, that depends. What is your attitude like? For me, I can sway to the side of perfectionism if I’m not careful. The last few years of life have been an ongoing lesson of letting go, re-assuring myself that the world won’t end if x happens, or rather doesn’t happen how I think it should. In my original post on this blog, I mentioned that one of the reasons I named my business “Grace to Organize” is because it takes grace on my part, and on yours to be organized. Let’s face it, life is craz-ay sometimes. Being organized definitely enables us to handle life more elegantly if you ask me. But, let’s be careful not to idolize organizing, and enjoy life even if it’s not Instagram worthy. As I mentioned before: attitude. If being organized is pushing you to be neurotic, and fitful if things don’t work the way you plan, than take a step back and remember that the Universe is vast, and your worry is pretty small in comparison. Cheers to balance my beautiful friends.