So, you organized your space, or maybe you had it organized. What’s next? Maintenance! From a Professional organizer, here are 3 tips to keep your space well organized.

  1. Labels!! Maybe you didn’t think you needed labels, or maybe your organizer/friend didn’t offer them. Labels will help you and everyone using the space to remember where things belong. It helps seal the boundaries of the bin/container/area that you are using. If a bin is specified for noodles, and is labeled as such, the less likely you will be to stick cookies in that bin. And, as I mentioned, it keeps others on the same page with you. There’s no more “I didn’t know/remember where it goes”, It makes life easier!
  2. Declutter often. Every so often, consider what’s in the space and decide if it belongs there. With the pantry example continuing: Maybe there’s expired canned food, or stale crackers you can take out randomly.
  3. Re organize often. This is another great reason to have labels, you won’t have to create a whole new system every time. There’s a small chance the labels could need to be changed, but in general you can probably keep the same system as before, assuming you eat the same types/amounts of food. The more often you organize, the easier it is EVERY time. The overwhelm multiplies over time. Think of your dishes: You can load the dishwasher 5 times a day with less dishes each time, or once a day with more.

These tips are SURE to help you keep a space at an A, and I hope you find them valuable! Please share with someone you think will find it valuable.

As always, I’m cheering you on with GRACE!!